Monday, 19 January 2009

Yeah Hey Hey It's Get On Your Boots (Edge IS On Fire!)

Well I was sitting ready and waiting, cup of tea in hand, in front of my TV for the premiere of Get On Your Boots on RTE 2FM. I was both excited and nervous. Dave Fanning didn't mess around with a big build up thank heavens, he just played the song.

And wow what a song! The first thing that hit me was Edge's fantastic guitar, boy did he rock, absolutely loved it. Bono's singing was strong, rapid fire at a manic pace, hard to catch all the lyrics on first listen, but loved the line "Laughter is eternity if joy is real."

I'm not into all the technicalities of music, but this is a very sonic song, there's a lot going on in it, and there's an industrial feel to it reminiscent of Achtung Baby. This is U2 really rocking, the pace and power of this song took my breath away. Get On Your Boots is going to be a real scorcher live, the best band in the world is most definitely back!

Get On Your Boots can be listened to as often as you like on

On another note Dave Fanning did mention that the tour would start in June.


  1. wow. sonic boom baby! i'm guessing he didnt mention whether or not said tour would make it all the way doen under??

  2. No, Dave just said it would start in June, no other info.

  3. I don't know whether I like it or not. It is new musical territory for U2, sure, but does this make it a good song? Not so sure. Blaring guitars are no quality factor per se. Bono's high pitched staccato vocals are awful and the riff is a rip off of Led Zeppelin / White Stripes. All IMHO of course. ;-)

  4. riff is a rip off of Led Zeppelin / White Stripes

    which one? When does 'influence' become a 'rip off' why don't you say white stripes are a 'rip off' of Zeppelin then? I think it's a pretty good song that has been 'influenced' as all good songs/bands ought to have been!In any case the riffs are the least interesting part of the song.