Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Obama's Inauguration

I can't let the inauguration of Barack Obama go by without making a comment. I watched it live on TV yesterday and though I'm not American and quite cynical about politicians, I found it quite moving. Like most people watching I felt that this event was a special moment in history. Racial equality has leapt forward a long waywith the inauguration of this man and I can only imagine what that means to black people in the US.

But the significance of Obama being voted in as President of the USA is also important beyond the land between the "sea to shining sea". He seems a good guy, intelligent, on the ball, just what America and the rest of the world needs. Expectations are high, there are huge problems and he can't do miracles! But, as I wrote at the beginning, I'm cynical about politicians, so many start with promise and fizzle away eg Tony Blair, I hope Obama, fulfills some of his promise, I have a feeling he will.

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