Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Week of Puppy Destruction!

Well my darling little mini wire-haired dachshund has been on a chewing spree this week! The puppy honeymoon period is over and he's getting his teeth well and truly into things. So here's the list:

Computer AC adaptor cable = £30
Leather purse = £12
Wicker dog basket = £24

Grand total £66!

The thing is, he only has to look at me with those big brown eyes and tip his head to one side and he's forgiven. Well, could you resist the little fella below?


  1. Oh my goodness ... he's bad but he's so cute! It is hard to be mad at them isn't it?!

  2. Don't you love how the wicker is a favourite? Mine chewed thru two beds when he was little and several parts of the garden hose and watering system. Also completely destroyed the mud flaps on my (then) brand new Ford. Twice! I had to be very persuasive with the service centre as it was a work car!!. Ah the chewing phase...second only to the digging phase. Good luck!

  3. Yeah it is hard to be mad at him.

    How long does the chewing phase last? Pepsi is my first puppy, in the past I've always had older rescue dogs so escaped the chewing phase.... and I've got the digging phase to look forward to have I???

  4. i think i've wiped it from my memory - or successfully supressed it! but i do know thehose had to be shortened maybe a month or so? oh the digging....dear god the digging. no matter how expensive the toys the soil is much more inviting.