Friday, 23 January 2009

Get On Your Boots - Take Two

Now I've had time to listen to this song quite a lot and get a real feel of it I thought I'd share my impressions. I love Edge's guitar and Adam and Larry really keep the stomping rhythm going throughout the song. I like the delivery of Bono's vocals, like the sound of his voice. I do love the music and voice of Get On Your Boots. The one thing that is bugging me about the song are the lyrics. To me it seems like stream of consciousness kind of stuff, I like some lines, such as the one I quoted in my first review, "Laughter is eternity, if joy is real", but in all honesty a lot of the other lyrics don't impress me that much.

Lyrics in U2 songs have always been very important to me, as important as the music and my were they fabulous! I felt Bono's lyric writing took a dive with the last album - probably because he was not able to give enough time to writing because of his "other" job. In GOYB, first impressions give the idea that this tune is a fun, throwaway song, but there are more serious issues hinted at in the lyrics. But they seem disjointed with some dubious rhyming at times, and I can't make sense out of some of the lines! Is it me? I don't know, I so want to have those amazing words from Bono once more, but , for me, this song doesn't have them.

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  1. Yeah, it's very stream of consciousness, and I think this song is Bono saying he's being playful at the moment, and not doing anything deep, hence the line about not wanting to talk about the wars between nations right now. Right now is for Rock and Roll!

    It's very reminiscent of All Because of You in that respect. Just throwaway lyrics that don't mean anything, but with the occasional glimpse of what is to come. The emphasis here is all about the music and not the words. And OMG, what music!!

    Bono is teasing us! LOL