Friday, 9 January 2009


The band were in HQ this week and some fans met Bono and Adam. It is said that Bono said that:

- The new single will be released to radio on January 19th

- The tour will begin in Spain before the end of June.

There are other rumours about a single soon and that would fit in nicely with the album's release date, so it could well be true. As to the tour start, let's hope it is true, but I am always a little wary about Bono talking about things like that..... now if it had been Adam that would have been another thing!


  1. I've read the same on the German U2 fansite who are pointing to a different source - so it could be true.

  2. Apparently it has been stated that Adam confirmed the news about the start of the tour in Spain in June. So it could well be true!