Monday, 5 January 2009


I had a really odd experience today. I was out walking Pepsi and Max, trying to get Pep to realise its ok to pee outside of the garden, getting colder and colder in this icy weather as he seemed to be interested in everything EXCEPT peeing. Then someone came along with a huge labroador and Max, as he does (small dog syndrome) barked at the totally uninterested dog as if his life depended on it. In the interval where Max caught his breath before starting all over again I heard barking coming from ABOVE me. I looked up and there was a huge crow perched on a lamp post looking back at me. Thinking I was hearing things I walked on. Max continued his verbal assault on the hapless lab and again I heard the barking from on high. I looked up and the saw the crow was barking! I've heard that crows are brilliant imitators but this really was amazing and pretty surreal. Then with a look at me the bird flew off leaving me standing there incredulous at what I'd just heard.

Just thought I'd share that random weird happening in my daily life!

My Boys!


  1. I have heard ravens barking before. Birds of the blackbird family are famous for it. These birds I heard were in Grand Canyon National Park, and they lived in trees that were right next door to where the security dogs were kept, so they must have become expert at mimicking the dogs barking.

    Obviously your blackbirds were on a regular dog walking route and so had picked up the noise.

    I find it so fascinating!

  2. Did. Not. Know. That.

    Quite amazing and yes, totally weird. Spooky too.

    I thought of you this morning when I had to clean up an exploded bottle of Pepsi Max from my freezer. Took an hour. Not fun.