Saturday, 17 January 2009

A U2 Marriage

I was in my car yesterday stuck in a horrendous traffic jam, my mind wandering off away from the chaos of the road. A familiar voice and music drifted out of the car speakers. U2.

It got me thinking at just how long U2 has been a part of my life, 26 years. In the early times I was quite obsessed, I used to have to have magazines, books with anything about U2 in it, I bought all formats of releases. I'd fret if I missed them on the TV, I had to tape everything.

Gradually over the years that obsession abated and I was more selective in what I bought, I even parted with the dozens of cassette tapes (remember them?) of shows and interviews I had (some of which can be listened to here). I gave the video tapes to friends, I didn't need all the U2 "stuff" anymore.

My relationship with U2 is more "comfortable" now, and I am as big a fan as ever. It's a bit like a marriage really. The highs and excitement of the the early days gradually turning into a intimate, enduring, familiar relationship. The ups and downs, the anger and love, the pride and embarrassment, all have been experienced along the way.

U2 have been a part of my life for 26 years, longer than many marriages last! A lot of the time they are in the background as I get on with my life, but they are there. I've grown older with them and shared some of life's experiences. Now another new album is coming along and I have a really good feeling about it, I think it will show me once more just why I've stuck with U2 for all that time.

I'm really glad I got hitched to U2!


  1. what a glorious post. yes yes and yes. my marriage is about as long and ive wandered and strayed and maybe even cheated. ive loved and longed and i always say - "i am glad i was on this earth in the time of u2." those boys have given soemthing of which i am enormously proud, insanely addicted and forever grateful for. they inspire me and i dread the day it ends.

  2. You´ve hit the nail on the head. Chris and myself have been through exactly the same stages with U2. Although the "stuff" can still be seen in every room of our home. And there are at least 5 boxes filled with U2 related items stowed away in the attic. We know we like them and are comfortable with that; sometimes they just sink a few inches below our average attention level, and I must admit that I rarely listened to them during the last 1-2 years. But with a new album coming I know that is going to change, and if it turns out to be really great and original I´m sure we will be on fire again

  3. Yeah I dread the day it ends too, because being a U2 fan is just part of me now. But hey, let's not think of endings with a new album on the horizon!