Tuesday, 27 January 2009

But Where's The Jazz?

Below is a quote from Niall Stokes, editor of Hot Press, on what he thinks of the album. Think there are only a handful of genres he doesn't mention! I'm a bit worried about country being in the description......

Get On Your Boots' is a great opening salvo from what is a brilliant album. "No Line On The Horizon is a huge record, full of big songs, powerful riffs and superb musicianship. It's more musically diverse that any U2 album since Rattle And Hum, mixing hard rock, psychedelia, pop, electronica, dance, folk, country, spiritual music and orchestral shadings in what is a fantastically heady brew. It will certainly challenge U2 fans, but my guess is that they'll ultimately be inspired. It's going to be a massive record. I can't wait to hear the songs live.

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  1. wait...what about the hip hop? and you know, i have learned not to fear country. a little banjo here and there is harmless. a little 'he broke my heart in two' is also palatable.