Sunday 29 September 2013

Waiting For God .....

Bono was recently on Letterman TV show in the US and when asked about the new album this and below is what he said:
“You know Quincy Jones said to me ‘Bono, you’ve got to wait for God to walk through the room’ and I said ‘Q, why is God so unreliable in the music department’. And he said ‘Just to teach you to wait’, so we are waiting,” Bono said.
 “We have a deal with our audience, they give us a great life and they expect us to be great and that’s tricky,” Bono said. “As you get better you get very good and very good is kind of the enemy of great. You can mistake it for great. People don’t get excited about us being very good. Who needs a new U2 album? There are loads of them out there. We have to make a great U2 album and they don’t care waiting as long as it’s great”.
Personally, I think it's bollocks and its starting to get booooooring. But  this made me laugh, us U2 fans have to have a sense of humour and shedloads of patience.
You can watch the interview on Letterman below.

Monday 23 September 2013

Another Decade and Things To Do

September has flown by and I've neglected my blog, I've been busy with all kinds and the weeks just slip away. I celebrated my 60th birthday on the 20th and had a fantastic day, I was thoroughly spoiled. For a while I wasn't looking forward to becoming 60, (after all not that long ago I would have started receiving my State Pension at that age). But as the date approached I changed my view and embraced it, each year is to be treasured and lived to the full and I've got lots of things to do on my bucket list.

I certainly don't feel 60 inside, sometimes my body does tell me I'm not as youthful as I was, but my spirit is still young, the essence of you doesn't change with the years.  And besides the wisdom you gain by living life, there are also are other benefits - I can now get 1/3 off rail fares, free eye tests and my B & Q Diamond Card to get 10 per cent off every Wednesday LOL!

Mind you, my 60 celebrations are not over yet, I've had my real birthday, but I'm having my official birthday (who says only the Queen can have two birthdays?) in Dublin with a party in the penthouse of The Clarence Hotel on October 9th - as well as a long overdue weeks holiday in the city. Soooo looking forward to that.

So here's to a new decade, and also a Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen, 64 today and still rockin', what better role model for over 60's people can there be than him?

Monday 2 September 2013

U2 Album 2014 It Seems....

Sounds like 2014 is the likely release date for U2's next album, there have been rumours but an interview with Bono on the Irish Newstalk FM kind of makes it definite, or maybe, more accurately, 2013 definitely NOT happening!

The interview mainly covered the death of Seamus Heaney and Bono's recent trip to Ghana. At the end the interviewer, Pat Kenny, asked Bono about what the band were doing at the moment. 

Kenny: The band, what are you up to at the moment? Back in studio, or finished or ... what?

Bono: The band? Uhm, we're nearly there, I think -- though this can change. There's no sense from the band of any commitment to any release schedule, any ... to anything. They just want to be really -- make some great music.

But I think we're nearly there, and once we're there we'll know it. I'd like to think that next year, there'll be a U2 release.

I mean, it sounds like we've been faffing around, but actually what we've -- what's just happened is that we just got lost in the music and went right back to why we wanted to be in a band in the first place -- listen to the music of the mid-70s, punk rock, electronica -- we're really sort of beginning again.

I know we do this periodically, but you have to. And so ... it's very different, very fresh sound, and some beautiful songs ... big hooks ... and yeah, you'll be sick of us. I hope!

The usual vague Bono stuff, but at least we know that we aren't getting a new album this year! Let's hope they are not too "lost in the music" to know when to go ahead and release the stuff!