Thursday 30 May 2013

U2 Album being Mixed in New York

Looks like the next U2 album really is not that far from release, there are credible reports that the band is mixing the album with Dangermouse at Electric Lady Studios, New York.  @U2 has put together recent information here. It fits in with their usual four yearly releases and it seems U2's PR machine is at work as U2 is being played on the radio much more recently.... But being a fan for so long I know that they can ditch or change an album very late in the process, so not letting myself get too excited yet!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Franki's Forever Home!

You may remember Franki, the dog that was horrendously neglected and hours from being put to sleep before being rescued by Extreme Rescue Inc.  She recently arrived in her forever home and I think this fabulous picture shows that she has settled in very well with this lovely family! So great to have such a happy ending to her story. Well done Extreme Rescue!

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Some Things Are Meant To Be!

On May 10th I was working. It was a busy shift and just before I started it I'd received bad news about a friend which had upset me, so when I set off to work I felt quite down. I'd taken a CD of U22 with me as I'd just received it and U2's music always lifts me. So I was scooting around the city doing my calls listening to great music - the live CD is fantastic!

I had a break in calls that coincided with me being close to home so I popped in for a quick cuppa. I checked my phone and saw a post on Facebook from @U2 about a benefit gig in Dublin for Christy Dignam  (the singer from that great band Aslan) who, sadly, is suffering from cancer. I remember many years ago seeing Aslan (who then we'd barely heard of) at Vicar St in Dublin. It was a raucous gig, lots of beer,  but also a very amazing one, we were both well impressed and captivated by the totally unique performing style of Christy Dignam. So it was very sad to hear that he is now gravely ill with cancer. The gig is to raise funds for his continuing treatment.

In the article it said that Bono was going to be one of many Irish artists who will sing with the rest of Aslan. Well, I nearly fell out of that chair when I saw the date June 21st - I am on holiday that week! It's been a year since I've been in Dublin and I am sooo ready for a trip there.  I immediately sent a text to Debbi, "Fancy this?" and so began an hour of frantic back and forth texting. I had to go back out to work so Debbi had to try to get tickets, we knew they wouldn't be available for very long.

Eventually I got a text from Deb, "We're in!" Yay! I was over the moon. We got seats in the gods of the Olympia Theatre, but we're in there and that's the main thing. We had no idea if we could get flights or accommodation, and Deb didn't even know if she could get the Friday off! But sometimes you've got to be spontaneous and just go for things. Most of our lives we are "sensible" and, for me, that can get a bit boring, so it's good to take a risk now and then. Luckily we both have that attitude!

And it has all worked out, we got reasonable flights, a brilliant deal (great negotiating Deb!) for a room for two nights at The Clarence and Deb also got her day off.  So it was meant to be, especially as it was also a special birthday ;)!

Monday 6 May 2013

Review - Afternoon Tea at The Plough, Wreay, Cumbria

This weekend I had my friend Debbi staying for a couple of days. It's ages since we've got together and had a lot of catching up to do. Had a brilliant time and the wine rack is now empty lol! For something different to do on the Saturday we went to have afternoon tea at one of my favourite country pubs, The Plough at Wreay. I've always loved having a proper English afternoon tea, it's very civilised. We were so impressed I felt I had to do a review, so here goes!

Address and Website:
The Plough, Wreay, Cumbria.

English/European, a cut above normal pub food.

A genuine country pub in a small village just south of Carlisle. Modernised but retaining its character. Roomy, tables nicely spaced. Lovely panoramic views of the mountains from the car park.

Didn't get the scones on this photo!
The Afternoon Tea:
We had typical afternoon tea crockery, bone china with flowers and pretty scenes on them. We were a bit - ahem - dehydrated from sampling my wine the previous night and couldn't wait for the tea to come. It was accompanied by a pot of hot water to top it up.

The sandwiches were tuna, egg mayonnaise and ham, very fresh and tasty. There were four small slices of toasted cheesy bread and  gorgeous scones with blackcurrant jam and doubled cream, again very fresh, in fact they were slightly warm still.

The coup d'etat was the lovely old-fashioned cake stand with ten, yes ten, fresh cream cakes! There were chocolate choux buns (real chocolate), Victoria sponge, cup cakes, apple turnovers, and more scones with cream and fresh strawberries inside. We could not eat them all and took what was left over home.

£14.30. Afternoon tea is served 2-4pm Saturday and Sunday, you must pre-book, tel. 016974 75770

Overall Impression:
Excellent value for money, everything was very fresh and we got more than enough, and we have good appetites! Alos very good and friendly service. Go on, treat yourself one weekend.