Friday, 23 January 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event

I was coming home from the vets today (little Pepsi got microchipped, he was very brave, I think I felt it more than him!) and I had the radio on in the car hoping they would play Get On Your Boots. A song came on that caught my attention, you know one that makes you turn up the volume - and that doesn't happen often to me nowadays. The singer had a great, deep voice and sung with an increasing passion, there were strings and guitars and the song was a narrative that built up to an amazing crescendo. Touches of Arcade Fire, and the singer reminded me a bit of Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy. Afterwards the DJ said it was a band called The Airborne Toxic Event (TATE) I'd never heard of them.

Once home I googled them and found out they are a new American band whose debut album will be released soon. Below is a video of Sometime Around Midnight the song I heard on the radio.

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