Saturday, 2 October 2010

No Line on the Horizon a Failure?

The article below was printed in the Irish Times today.  It's a shame that Lillywhite has put it this way.  The album wasn't a failure, it did sell quite well, though wasn't a massive success.  But the album got good reviews by most people as an artistic creation.  After two good but safe albums, U2 took a risk and experimented a bit, that was brave, and many people (not just fans) welcomed and appreciated that.  It's not a great album, but they are trying to do something different to move on, and I view it as a step in the right direction, away from safety of the Noughties leading towards a U2 that, in the future, can maybe surprise and excite us once more.  It's pity that Lillywhite and U2 just seem to just measure an album by its commercial success.  They are in a position where the money doesn't really matter, were they can really concentrate on the music, I do hope they don't slip back into safemode.  Lillywhite also talks of Bono's massive determination, I hope that trait isn't just geared to commercial success, I hope it's also drives an artistic integrity.

The thing that gives me hope for U2's musical future though is what they have been doing live on the current 360 Tour European leg.  Playing unrecorded/unreleased songs for the first time live doesn't sound like a band that will run scared.  I hope I'm right.

Producer Admits Last U2 Album Was Failure

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  1. I agree completely! I rather wish they'd call it a day and put the band to rest for good than continue with desperate attempts to please the mainstream audience.