Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Chilean Miracle

I stayed up really late last might to watch the Chilean miners being rescued.  It was mesmerising TV, with the cameras on the surface focusing on the miners' arrival at the surface in the specially made capsule and another camera 2000 feet below where the miners had been stranded since August 5th.  It took around 8 minutes for the capsule to travel from the underground cavern to the surface, and during these times the camera would focus on the relative(s) of the next miner due up, the sheer joy evident in their faces.  It was very moving to see them re-united, I especially remember a little girl with tears in her eyes hugging her daddy.

These are just ordinary people, who for a while were thought to be victims of an accident in a mine known to be unsafe.  Now they are known to the world, and will be chased by the media.  In one way this could be good for them, they may get money they couldn't even dream of, which could enable them to live better lives in the future.  But it could also be very hard for them to deal with the unrelenting pressure of "fame" whilst also recovering from the trauma of being trapped underground for 69 days.  I hope it works out well for them, they deserve it.

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