Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hectic Days

Life is really busy for me at the moment as I'm doing two jobs, it's a bit like being a fulltime worker again lol!  I have handed in my notice for the cleaning job, it served a purpose for me over the last year, but now I'm ready to move on.  I now also see a few lovely old people weekly for the charity Age Concern and I love it.  It's working with people and a caring role, which is my kind of thing, I've kind of missed that since I retired from nursing.  It is paid work, and my role is social - I chat to them, go through the papers, do crosswords, take them out for coffee or shopping or just a walk.  At the moment I'm doing both jobs which is making life hectic for me, but this is my last week of the cleaning so things will get back to a more normal pace for me next week.

Lots of rumours circulating in the U2 world about an announcement of UK/Irish dates for 2011 soon.  I think it could well happen.  Maybe I should keep the cleaning job, go back into nursing or sell my soul in order to afford it.  Those Irish guys are going to bankrupt me, as I know I just won't be able to resist seeing more shows if it happens.  I'm normally quite a "sensible" person, but sense goes out of the window when it comes to seeing U2 live.  But, hey, sometimes you've just go to go for things in this life!

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