Thursday, 4 December 2008

Welcome to Pepsi!

I've got my new puppy! He's a little sweetie and doing very well considering that he has left his mother and brothers and sister only today. My other Dachshund Max has been brilliant with him, very friendly and patient, so different to how he was with the greyhound, but of course little Pepsi is no threat at all to him. I got Pepsi a little bed but he much rather goes into Max's basket and Max squeees into Pepsi's! Dogs eh? My friend Debbi thought of the name Pepsi, so now I have Pepsi Max!


  1. I drink the stuff every day .... so i will raise a glass to your newest family member! totally cute.

  2. Thanks! He's doing really well but keeps me busy - I feel like a new mother! LOL

  3. Cute! Pepsi is a great name. :-)

    BTW, after a lot of experiments with different layouts I've finally managed to get my own little website online (written in English & German). If you look under "My Pictures" you'll probably see a familiar face ...

    Andre (with greetings from Chris)

  4. Excellent site, glad you've done it in both languages! I'll add to the this site's links.