Monday, 22 December 2008

More Eyeliner My Oh My!

There's a Q Magazine site that is almost fully live (except the Gallery) that includes a video showing a recent photoshoot in London, an article about some of the songs on the album (loads more new info), and a U2 quiz. Adam gives a great commentary during the video. For me all this bodes very well for the album, it almost has that feeling there was before Achtung Baby, that something really new was going to happen with the new music and image. I'm having problems at the moment with direct links to sites but here's the url for you to copy

Just three things though:-

1. Don't let Bono loose again in a car in London, even with a Tom-tom, scary.

2. Don't keep that hat Bono

3. Do keep the eyeliner - love it


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  2. I am in love with Bono in eyeliner! Soooooooo sexy! I wish he would wear it next time we bump into him!! But we are not that lucky... :)

  3. He could be a bit scary in the dark though! LOL!

  4. Looks like Gavin Friday is his new stylist. ;-) And U2 have re-invented themselves as the "Virgin PrU2nes" ... *LOL!*