Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End of the Year Ponderings....

The end of the the year often makes people looks back at what's been happening over the last year and forward to what they hope for in the year to come, and I'm no different, so here's my stream of consciousness take on 2008 and the year to come.

2008.....Biggie of the year was retiring, which has totally changed my life. much less stress, a weight has been lifted..... don't have to scrape the car on these icy mornings.....lots of free time to do other things I enjoy but didn't have time for..... Cons.....less money.....erm, that's it really!

Learned to appreciate my friends all the many good wishes when I retired.....treats in Dublin.....I am blessed.

Travelling, always a love of mine, I was able to do lots.....Greece - beautiful beyond words.....Ireland - Dublin as fun as ever.....USA - Florida road trip a real adventure in the sun.

New arrival Pepsi.....sweetheart!

Generally a good year.

2009.....U2 album and tour yay.....means shows, travelling, seeing friends, fun.....hopefully will love the new music.

Get more structure now I've retired.....voluntary work.....write more.....classes.....lady who lunches.....get back to weight watchers - make that lady who lunches sensibly!

Health and happiness.....those are the most important.

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Good post, Sue. Lots of things to reflect on, and lots more to look forward to.

    Here's to a fantastic U2009!!!!

  2. 2008 has seen some major changes in you life I would say; but all of it sounds good ... Happy new year to you too! May all your wishes be fulfilled.