Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bono At Leopardstown Races

Bono and Ali were at the Leopardstown Races as usual on St Stephen's Day and the Irish Indpendent got a short interview with him and Paul McGuinness.  Both  talk a little about future plans. "We are working away and we have a couple of yearlings in the stables that could really turn out to be thoroughbreds in the future," said Bono.  Though McGuinness was "diplomatic"  in what he said, "I have heard some of the stuff the guys have played and, yeah, it is great. Bono is always an optimist but he seems confident of getting a new record out by the end of the next six months. They're talking about June. By that time we will be ready to go back on tour and I think that will give it a different flavour."

Mc Guinness also talks a little about Adam and the court case he has had to take out against his former housekeeper who has allegedly stolen a large amount of money from him.  Read the full article here .

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