Monday, 21 December 2009

U2 15th August at Wembley Highlights On BBC Radio 2

There I was, sitting warm and snug in my living room, curtains closed against the bitter cold and snow outside, as I listened to the highlights of U2's 15th August 360 Tour show at Wembley Stadium on Radio 2.  I was swept back to the blue skies and sunshine of that day in London - the day I saw one of the best U2 gigs of my life.  All the feelings came back and I had that silly grin on my face that I get when I am entranced with U2,  I felt the rollercoaster of emotions, the pride. 

It wasn't exactly a greatest hits set of highlights which surprised me, good to hear Magnificent, Crazy, there was no One, or Streets, and I would have loved to have heard No Line On The Horizon, Bad  and The Unforgettable Fire.  But that didn't really matter, as the atmosphere of the gig was what was most special about that show and I was able to relive it once more.  I remember well how the crowd spontaneously took over the singing on Still Haven't Found.... a magical moment amongst many special moments.

I've been a bit pissed off with U2 recently, but when I heard the highlights of that gig tonight it reminded me why I am a fan,  they are great live.  And, every now and then their music can take you to a place way beyond yourself, where you are at one with the rest of the audience and the band, and a stadium becomes as intimate as a small room.  That is special indeed....

Anyone who hasn't heard it yet can listen to it here

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