Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sliding Out of the Noughties

The last day of 2009 already, and we are literally sliding towards 2010 - it's still icy outside and the best place to see the New Year in is at home with a good red wine and nibbles.  Don't know where the other 364 days of the year went, never mind the decade.  It seems only a short time ago that I was at a New Years party to herald in the new Millenium and now the Noughties are nearly gone.  I'm not doing a usual review, just a quick question and answer piece on things that pop into my head.  Here goes:

Nicest New Placed Visited - Sorry for the pun - Nice of course!

Fave Three Songs 
Uprising - Muse (Rocking, real class, must see them live in 2010)
Sometime After Midnight - The Airborne Toxic Event
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

Worst Buy - In Nice, a "cicada" that you hung on the wall and it chirped when you passed by (yeah I am a bit  eccentric, things like that amuse me).  It drove me mad and I threw it out, it got it's own back though, it was even chirping from inside the dustbin LOL!

Best buy -  My iTouch, an amazing little creation, I love it!

Most Amazing Day - 15th August, London.  Met Bono in the afternoon and then saw one of the most amazing U2 shows ever that night.  And sharing all that with wonderful friends.

Ambition Achieved - Visited Berlin, fabulous, moving, cold and unique.  Amazing to see U2 play in front of the Brandenburg Gate, something that will stay with me forever.

Scariest Thing - I've liked the last two Black-Eyed Peas singles!  There, I've come clean, can hardly believe it myself.

Surprising Thing - That I am working as a cleaner, I hate household chores, yet I really enjoy my little job!

U2 Status - Loved the new album, after two good but safe albums, this more daring creation brought me fully back to their music.  The romance was hot in the summer when they entertained magnificently (sorry I've done it again).  We had a bit of a row recently and I nearly fell out with them, but I've made up and am speaking to them again now.  So the relationship continues into its 27th year.....

So thanks to all who come to my blog, I've enjoyed sharing some of my life and thoughts with you.  Have a happy and healthy 2010.


  1. A very happy new year to you too! And keep the blogs coming. I always love to read about your thoughts and "adventures". :-)

  2. Happy new year! And re: Black Eyed Peas, you and Bono can chat about how much you both like them next time you bump into each other :)

  3. Thanks Andy and I hope to visit you and Chris later this year!

    LOL Cara, good one, I never thought of that!!

  4. oooooo temper trap! muse! itouch - me three! i met dougy at their secret show here last week...we should be facebook friends! how do we do that?? also i so thought of you when bono sang 'shush now' in vegas....*sigh* happy 09 memories...xx