Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Industrial Clingfilm

I was at my beauty salon getting eyebrow and lip waxing today (the joys of middle age eh? ) After the waxing I pondered on what treatment I would have next (I try to pamper myself once a month). A friend recently had a body vitamin moisturising treatment that she recommended so I asked about this. Kim, the beauty therapist, said that you get this lotion put on your body and then they cover it up with clingfilm - then she added, "..... Industrial sized clingfilm." Well I know I'm not exactly svelte, but industrial sized clingfilm!!! I just thought it was so funny and said. "I'll need that!" Kim was too polite and professional to agree LOL. So I booked an appointment next month to get wrapped in industrial sized clingfilm and be thoroughly moisturised and emerge a new woman!


  1. Hello,

    I work for BBC Radio Cumbria.

    I run a feature called Little Cumbria, and I am looking to bring some new voices to the feature.

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    I ask three different people to keep a diary for a week documenting their life, and then I record them and mix them together with music and a narrator.

    I came across you by searching for Cumbrian bloggers, and I liked your writing style.

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  2. Hi Steve,

    I would be interested in more info about your project, however there was no contact info in your post. Please contact me directly by email on crystal.gazer.blog@gmail.com so we can discuss things.

    Regards Northern Star