Friday, 4 December 2009

Holidays and U2 in Q

I’m feeling good today, got my first payday for my job, great to have that extra money.  Also I’ve got a few trips planned for next year – I’m always a bit antsy when I’ve no holidays planned as has been for the last few months.  In February I’m off to Dublin for a few days with Debbi, it’s been quite a while since either of us has been there so it’ll be great to go to our fave haunts (mainly restaurants!!).  Then in April I’ve got a short trip to Iceland with my cousin Glenys.  We got a real bargain, and it was just one of those chances that was too good to miss, so I raided the savings and we’re going!  Iceland is on my “to do” list so that’s another ticked off (Berlin was one too).  Finally, in August we will be in Germany for a week seeing two U2 gigs and having a holiday too.

I’ve relaxed a little about U2, it wasn’t so much them not playing here on the tour, (after all we got shows last year when some fans so far haven’t seen U2 in their countries) it was moreso the way the whole thing has been handled and I still stand by what I wrote.   Anyway, U2 are in Q Magazine again, there are a few nice new photos and quite a funny and interesting question and answer interview (minus Larry).  My favourite quote is:

Q.  What is the thing Larry moaned about most this century?

B.   Trying to get a good cup of tea in America.  Wars could be fought over that.  Air hostesses have had their doors opened mid-flight.  He takes his tea very, very seriously.

(Larry I must agree with you on that one!) 

BEPhoto Q Magazine

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