Monday, 5 July 2010


The excellent article linked to below will jog some memories for U2 fans who have been around long enough to have enjoyed the madness and fun of U2 of the 90's - it was a wonderful time to be a U2 fan.  Personally I prefer the Zoo TV/Zooropa tours, but all of the 90's tours were great over-the-top circuses where U2 tried to shake of the serious, earnest image of the 80's.  But amidst all the fun, TVs, screens, theatre and irony there were still many of those very special U2 moments which are very hard to describe in words, but U2 fans reading will know what I mean!

I got to know the author, Catherine, in the 90's too, and  it was wonderful to go down my (long) U2 memory lane as I read.  Click below to read the article.

Let's Take a Stroll Down U2 Lane Shall We?

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