Friday, 30 July 2010

My New Addiction....

Well regular readers of this blog know of my main addictions - good food, dachshunds and U2, but I do have another addiction, and that is Radley bags.  I'm not into designer gear normally, but I just love Radley, their bags are such good quality and often a bit quirky which appeals to me.  I was given a lovely red Radley by my workmates when I retired from nursing and I got another one at a bargain half price shortly afterwards as a treat to myself, I love them both.  Since then I haven't bought any simply because they are too expensive. 

But after my naughty Dachsie Max ate the purse that came with one of my bags, someone said that I should look for another on Ebay.  I went there to look and I was hooked, hundreds of fabulous Radley bags, used and new, much cheaper than in the shops.  My first purchase was the gorgeous white, tasselled bag (pictured left) for £31.00.  Then, just yesterday I got a lovely black bag (pictured right) for only £24.00.  I really must stop buying now, I see bags I like every day on Ebay, but I need to keep the rest of my money for my upcoming holidays.  At least it's taken my mind off the upcoming U2 gigs for a while .  360 11 days to go and counting....  I'll have a couple of really nice bags for my hols anyway!

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