Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Amazing Peanut Popping Pigeon!

I've got a little bird table in my garden and I have regulars who come to sample the fayre I put out.  I usually put out seed but the other day I couldn't get any so I got peanuts and put them out.  I'd only walked a few feet towards my front door when I heard the flap of wings and turned round to see my most regular visitor there, a grey and white pigeon who has become quite tame.  He spent a while inspecting the food before starting to eat it, and boy did he eat, he loves peanuts!  At first I didn't count, but then I started to count each nut he ate and it was only at his 89th peanut that he decided he'd had enough and flew off!  I was amazed he could actually take off!  He's been back since and has been duly christened (rather unimaginatively I know) Peanut. 

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