Wednesday, 28 July 2010

U23D Again!

I've just been to see U23D again with my friend Dawn.  It is showing at the Rheged Centre in Cumbria, just 20 miles from where I live.  It's a year and a half since we last saw it in Manchester so we were ready to watch it once more.  It was so good to see it again, 3D is so realistic!  Great to hear Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own again, such a beautiful moving song, I must admit I had tears in my eyes as Bono sang it.  It would be great if that song re-appeared on the 360 Tour.   The Coexist blindfold part I still find cringeworthy, but that's all, the rest is brilliant and seeing it has really whetted my appetite for seeing the gigs in Germany soon!

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