Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back For The Foreseeable Future

Well my gypsy lifestyle is over for this U2 tour, I could have gone on and on travelling and seeing U2 gigs but you have to get back to normal life and pay off the credit card!

I'm knackered at the moment, but I hope to write up my experiences soon. Meanwhile here's a little stream of consciousness list of things that pop into my head when I think back to the tour, will enlarge upon them later......

A spiritual moment during Still Haven't Found at Wembley 1
Pizza at 3am
Meeting and chatting to Bono before Wembley 2, blue, blue eyes and soft hands
Five women with big grins on their faces
Red Zone at Wembley 2, truly magical show, wave upon wave of U2 at it's best
Bad made me cry
Crazy made me bop
Bono made me laugh
Pizza at 2am
A day off from travelling and gigs, Royal Academy to see J W Waterhouse "The Modern Pre-Raphaelite" exhibition, gorgeous
Tube, train, plane, taxi from London to Glasgow - hot to cool
Fab apartment
Best Chinese meal ever at Ho Wong restaurant, mmmm
Gig day at Glasgow showery, cool, windy....wait at Red Zone entrance - wind blows one of the merchandise displays to bits!
No soundcheck with band
Great place in Red Zone, friend goes to the loo and sees U2 arrive at 6.15
Good show, lively crowd
Dreadful equipment malfunction during MLK and then total sound off during Stay
I'm sad at the end, no more gigs.....
Join the longest queue EVER for the train back into city
U2 quiz, buffet (no more pizza yay!) and party until 5am
Goodbyes and home.....

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