Monday, 14 July 2008

U2 for O2?

I was looking up more information on the refurbishment of The Point Depot and one of the things I found out was that it is going to be renamed The O2 (O2 and Live Nation each own 50% of the building). That got me thinking (oh dear!) ..... Remember Paul McGuinness talking about the strong possibility of U2 playing at the O2 and rumours of a residency there? Well everyone assumed that he was referring to the O2 in London, but maybe he really meant the Dublin O2? It would be a great way to open the new venue and on U2's doorstep.

Just a thought, time will tell if I'm way off here or not. Meanwhile below are pictures of the front and rear elevations of the new Dublin O2 (which I'm sure the Irish will continue to call The Point).


  1. Mmmm.... interesting point (or should that be Point, ha ha). Maybe this IS what Paul was talking about. Time will tell.

  2. i never did quite get all the o2 rumour stuff...thanks for clearing it up. that billboard was an amazing lure / promo!