Friday, 11 July 2008

The Past and the Future?

This huge hoarding featuring a photo of U2 taken in 1980 has appeared outside The Point Depot in Dublin which is being re-developed at the moment. The Point is situated on the northside of the River Liffey, and of course all of U2 grew up on Dublin's northside

The Point Depot was originally built in the 1870's as a railway depot. In the late 1980's U2's friend, Harry Crosbie, bought the now derelict building and turned it into Dublin's premier entertainment venue. U2 has had links with The Point since 1988 and their famous "Dream it all up again" New Year concert was held there in 1989.

Once the work is finished The Point will have a capacity of 13000 and will be Dublin's largest capacity indoor venue. U2 haven't played any gigs indoors in Dublin for nearly 20 years, but maybe this hoarding is telling us something about what may happen in the future ......


  1. Oh, personally, I would LOVE to see u2 at The Point. It's not impossible. We know that nothing is, Sue!!

  2. that is way cool - did you take that photo? how long has that big u2 sign/billboard been up there?

  3. edit - aahaa, never mind my above comment : i see it is on it is very cool.

  4. I'd love to see them there too, with a capacity of 13000 it's a possibility - if it's an arena tour.