Thursday, 31 July 2008

Please U2, Release the New Album in October!

I'm really excited as a friend and I have just booked a holiday in Florida and the Keys! I always planned on having a special holiday to celebrate my retirement (as well as a long-awaited jaunt to good old Dublin of course!) and after a couple of false starts, we ended up settling on this trip. We'll be checking out Miami for a couple of days, then going up to Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Centre for another two days. Then we'll head south to the Everglades and the Keys and just go as we please, stop where we want, explore and chill.

BUT ...... I just realised, we are going on 4th November and return home on 19th November...... And what are the rumours of the new U2 album release date? 17th November. I won't be home to get the album when it comes out, what torture, agh! Please, please U2 bring the album out in October!!!


  1. Oops! Well, if you are really desperate then you could always go to an Internet Cafe and log into itunes and burn the CD onto your iPod!!

    Also, have you booked anywhere to stay in Cocoa Beach? We stayed at a great motel called "The Lunar Sea" there a few years ago. Lovely memories and you can BBQ there too. A good base for the Space Centre.

  2. God Deb that'd REALLY weird! We're staying at the Luna Sea for our 2 nights in that area, talk of coincidence eh?