Sunday, 18 May 2008


I went shopping for a jacket today. I knew what I had in mind, a light-coloured, long line linen jacket that wasn't too expensive. And what have I come home with? Two summer skirts and no jacket!

I've turned into a clothes shopaholic over the last year or so and this all started last year when my friends and I stayed at the luxury penthouse in the Clarence Hotel in Dublin last year(maybe you've already read about that in my blog, if not here's link to the story: ).

Staying at the penthouse was a big deal to us, it was very expensive and we had all saved for over two years for it, so we could do everything in style. Prior to doing this, I was never a girly girl, never fussed over clothes, hair make-up and I thought people who did this were wasting their money. For our trip to the penthouse we decided to have completely new outfits, perfect hair and make-up, we wanted to look the part! Surprisingly, I enjoyed doing all this, it was fun looking for the right clothes, bags and jewellery. Then, when I saw that I actually looked really good all dressed up it was a kind of revelation. I know this might sound strange, (and maybe this is wrapped up in me being overweight for most of my life) but until then I had never realised that I could look good! I also discovered I had a cleavage and am now not afraid to flash it and I would never have done that not so long ago!

And that was it really, a special experience that has permanently changed the way i look at myself. Funny how things turn out isn't it? Now, if only I can find the right jacket ......


  1. no buyers remorse! well done you. i believe U2 bring great joy into their fans so many expected and unexpected ways. your clarence story is just one. go the skirts. go the jacket. and then find some new shoes!

  2. >>U2 bring great joy into their fans so many expected and unexpected ways.<<

    That's so very true,there have been so many positive spin-offs in my life as I result of being a U2 fan.... including becoming a bit of a shopaholic LOL!