Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Konnichiwa Bono!

Where has Bono turned up now? Why Japan of course! Today he was at Keio University in Tokyo to receive an honorary doctorate for his advocacy work against poverty in Africa. Bono will also speaking at the international conference on African Development in Yokohama the 29th May and meet with the Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda.

Michitake Watanabe, a first-year graduate student at Keio, said Bono's words opened his eyes to issues he had never considered.

"He is an amazing person," said Watanabe, who admitted he isn't a fan of U2's music. "It's really incredible that he doesn't seem to be confined by traditional frameworks like race or religion."

It’s really interesting that people who are not into U2 are now admiring Bono purely for his activist work, he’s creating a whole new fan base!

Bono also did some gardening at an event to plant trees in Tokyo's Odaiba as part of the Tokyo metropolitan government's 'Green Island' project. Odaiba is part of a sprawling man-made island in Tokyo Bay. He joined some children to plant trees at the project, don't think he's often used a spade! Below are some photos from this event.

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