Monday, 8 November 2010

LV and the LV

There are a lot of differing views on this out there, but mine fits closely with the one below, it brings up some good points .....(but it is a plane not a helicopter in the video!)

I think Bono's mistake in all this boils down to that he should have just stayed being the activist, getting the world leaders to implement and stick to actions that benefit Africa - he's really good at that.  But he chose to also set up various organisations - in good faith I'm sure - but that's where there have been difficulties.  There have been problems with Edun, One and Red and, even if it's nothing at all directly to do with him, those problems rub off on him and his ability to be taken seriously and make a difference.   This article looks at some of the reasons things might have not gone so well. 

It would be a shame if this eclipsed all the positive things he has already done.

Bono Brings the $1600 Handbag to Africa


  1. I think hat Bono has utterly lost touch with the real world. He does not know (anymore) what normal people's lives look like, how normal people feel and dream. He's not the voice of the people anymore but the champion of dictators and greedy politicians. Africa and the Third World do not need more money and charities from the rich but freedom and true democracy instead. Which can only be achieved by NOT shaking hands with their corrupt leaders.

  2. Yeah I think Bono has pretty much lost touch with the real world. But I still feel his heart is in the right place and his motivation is sincere regarding Africa. But I think that perhaps he's gone down some avenues he shouldn't have along the way. Inevitable I suppose.