Friday, 5 November 2010

Losing My Mind - and Teeth!

God I hate November!  The clocks go back, the weather is shite and the semi-hibernation of winter starts.  November has nothing to go for it, at least December has the social flurry of the "festive season".  January optimism of a New Year (for a while anyway)  and the knowledge that slowly but surely the days are getting longer.  February is a bit grim too but the days are getting even longer and there are the first stirrings of spring and after that it's all for the better.  You can tell I'm not a winter person

So, last  Monday I arranged to meet a friend in town to mooch round the shops and then have a cheapie meal at Pizza Express.  I was relaxing at home when I looked at my clock - which, as is usual with me I had not changed at the introduction of GMT again over the weekend.  I sat up with a start, I was 3/4 of an hour late to meet my friend!  I sent her a quick text, surprised that she hadn't been in touch with me seeing I was so late, rushed out and headed into town.  I was nearly there when I realised that the clocks went backwards at the weekend, not forwards, so I was an hour early!  I sent another embarrassed text to my friend who guessed what had happened and had a good laugh on me!  That'll teach me being lazy and not getting the clock off the wall and changing it when I should!

Tuesday night I was eating my evening meal when I realised something very hard was amongst my mouthful of food - it was a large part of one of my teeth!  I was left with a kind of fang-like stump where the tooth should have been - would've been good for Halloween the other day!  By coincidence I had my six monthly check up a couple of days later.  I was given three options as to what they could do for my tooth.  As the tooth is quite visible when I smile I went for the post crown which will take four visits, a lot of torture and £200.  Just what I need near Christmas.  I do have a bit of a phobia about going to the dentist, well it's the injection in the mouth that is my phobia really (though the rest isn't that pleasant either) I get the urge to up and run away when the dentist approaches with that syringe ugh!  Maybe I should have opted just to get the bloody thing out, cheaper and no jabs, drills, no nerve killing or root canal filling ......

Tonight it was Bonfire Night when it is traditional to burn bonfires and let off fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night (he and a gang of others tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament hundreds of years ago).  This was Pepsi's first Bonfire Night with me (he was in kennels last year as I was in Berlin seeing U2 play at the Brandenburg Gate).  Max has never been bothered by fireworks at all, but Pepsi could not settle he was barking and pacing about with every whoosh and bang outside.  I couldn't get him settled until the noise stopped poor chap, pity you can't get earplugs for dogs!  It'll probably continue over the next couple of days as the celebrations tend to happen over all the weekend.   There's a big fireshow in a park in the city centre tomorrow night. 

When I was young every area of the city had its own bonfire we used to go around houses in the couple of weeks before collecting things to put on the bonfires.   A "guy" supposedly an effigy of the doomed Guy Fawkes, was put at the top of the bonfire.  Fireworks were set off by the adults, and we used to put potatoes into the embers later and eat them when cooked, I'll never forget their unique taste.  That night you could always smell the fires in the air.  Now you can't just put up bonfires, you need permission etc. life is so regulated nowadays. 

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