Friday, 12 November 2010


Went to my first Zumba class last night, two friends were going and asked if I wanted to go.  As it was very close to where I live and I enjoy dancing, I said yes.

It was certainly full-on!  Geez, one hour of fast, frenetic dancing to Latiny/rock music.  I didn't think I'd manage it but I did.  I found it quite cathartic in an way, shaking my bits, screaming and yelling, above all it was great fun.  It didn't matter if you couldn't keep up (which I often couldn't) as long as you moved.  I know I need to do exercise but I find aerobics/gyms simply boring, but I actually enjoyed this.  Though I suffered for it,  lying in bed last night my back muscles ached as I breathed - there are a lot of arm movements in Zumba and my upper body muscles were testament to that.  Today, I woke up aching all over and it took a good few hours to ease off!  One of my friends had been to another Zumba class which started with a warm up, then the full-on dancing and finishing with a relaxing wind down.  I like the sound of that, so I'll try that class as I do think this is for me, but would like a slightly less vigourous work out.

We've been having wild, windy weather with lots of rain.  I haven't much planned for the weekend which suits me, I needn't go out much in this lousy weather.  Of course I'll have to walk the dogs, one of them, Max, hates the rain, he'd be happy to do what he needs to do and go back home.  But Pepsi loves his walks and doesn't seem to even notice the weather, he's too busy sniffing the air and ground and finding interest in everything around him!

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