Saturday, 4 April 2009

Back To Normal - Whatever That Is

The U2 ticket madness is over for us now and it's kind of a releif. We managed to get tickets for Nice, Dublin 1 & 3, Wembley 1 & 2 and Glasgow. We got Red Zone tickets at a reasonable price for Wembley 2 which I'm pleased about. I'm too old to queue for hours and then stand for hours in order to get a good postion close to the band. This alternative is perfect for me and, though I had reservations about it at first, I feel ok about it now and it's good that a portion of the proceeds goes to charity. We've also manged to sell our spare Wembley tickets to other fans so it's worked out fine.

I checked my credit card statement and it's really scary to see what I've spent for tickets, travel and accommodation for this tour! It had better be worth it, I think it will be. If there is another tour next year though I won't be seeing as many shows, there's no way I could afford it.

I've been seeing U2 play live since the Lovetown Tour, and only once have been disappointed in a gig (the Popmart opening show at Las Vegas), U2 are special live and this summer is going to be a ball, I just know it. Nowadays of course there's always the thought at the back of my mind that this could well be the last U2 tour, though I hate to think of that, but nothing goes on forever and U2 are pushing 50 now.

So, for a few months I'll be living my normal, ordinary life and paying off my credit card. Then, come the summer, I'm going to make the most of the 360 Tour and sink into total Tour Madness once more.


  1. TTM* is a great place - i live there whenever possible!

    so lovetour was my first u2 tour too...does that mean you came to oz? i have a memory that was a tour only oz / nz etc ... am i right?

    *total tour madness...

  2. No I didn't come to Oz, Lovetown played a few European dates (though not the UK) and I saw my first live U2 gig in Germany. God, twenty years ago, yikes!!

  3. oh - wow - didn't know that. 20 years... how it flies! aren't we lucky our fave band is still together and making great music?