Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Ultimate Music Guide to U2

I'm on a bit of a roll with posting this weekend! This is from the NME website, it doesn't say when the magazine comes out, but I take it that it's May.

From the makers of Uncut comes an essential guide to the biggest rock band of the last 30 years. Over 148 pages the magazine's unrivalled team of expert writers provide a comprehensive survey of U2's work, from their first stirrings in Dublin to the globe-straddling force who have just released their 12th blockbusting album.

The Ultimate Music Guide to U2 will include detailed analyses of each one of U2's albums, revealing the hidden stories behind these landmark recordings. There will be reappraisals of U2's live work and DVD's, a guide to rarities and bootlegs, discographies and a wealth of info guaranteed to amaze the band's legion of fans.

The Uncut guide to U2 will also exploit Uncut's unique access to the NME and Melody Maker archives to reprint a host of classic interviews with the band, unseen for decades. It will also, as Uncut does each month, present the very best in rock photography.


  1. and i take it you and i will be buying one?

  2. You know, I don't buy everything on U2 nowadays! This looks good though and I will probably buy it.

  3. Pre-order here.....

  4. can i read this on the internet???

    i would love to read for free...

    so......... if someone know where can i do that... tel me....