Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bono And Northern Star's Twentieth Anniversary

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, as 29th April 2009 is the twentieth anniversary of my first meeting with Bono in Dublin which you can read about here. I can't believe that it is twenty years ago! I was a relatively young woman then, now I'm middle aged (but young at heart!), as is Bono. It was my first visit to Dublin and I never ever dreamed I would meet any member of U2. So much has happened in my life since then, good and bad. I'm a different person in many ways, life teaches, challenges, hurts and strengthens us. But one constant over that time has been U2.

As I've discussed before in my blog, my relationship with the band and their music has changed over the years. Since becoming a fan, U2 has always been a part of my life, much of the time in the background, sometimes like now, with a new album out and tour on the horizon (!) U2 are in the foreground. This fandom has also enriched my life in many non-U2 ways, the main one being that I would never have met the people who are now amongst my best friends had it not been for our common interest in u2.

Meeting Bono that time twenty years ago showed me the human side of U2 and how kind he is to fans (I found in time that the same applies to the other band members as well). I've been lucky to have met Bono many times since that first time in April 1989, and without fail at every meeting he has been friendly, warm and respectful towards me and others fans. Sometimes his gestures show such special kindness, way beyond any expectations, an example of which you can read about here. I wish Bono's detractors could see that side of him.

So, slainte to my anniversary, may there be many more years to share with Bono, U2 and my friends!

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