Sunday, 16 December 2007

Paris 4th July 1987 DVD

I've had my U2 day catching up on the goodies in the Joshua Tree Deluxe package and what an enjoyable time I had, my initial impression were well founded! The quality is excellent and it is such a treat! Rather than do a review of the Paris show I thought I'd just jot down some of the thoughts and feelings it gave me.

As I listened, it took me back those twenty years and that feeling I had as I heard the album for the first time - a knowing that this was something very special. I can remember sitting listening to that vinyl LP and being physically stunned by what I was hearing. The Joshua Tree is the only album I have EVER listened to where I loved every single song. Twenty years later it is hailed as a classic album, but I knew that on the very first listen, as did all U2 fans.

Watching, it brought back those feelings of early U2 fandom (I've been a fan since 1983), the passion, the power and the sheer excitement of finding music that spoke to me.

Boy didn't they look young? Bono had so much hair in those days! I think Edge has weathered the last twenty years best. All the years or non-stop work, be it music or the campaigning for Africa that now takes up as much of his time as the music, is deeply etched on the 2007 face of Bono

Those were the days before ear monitors and Bono's mic still had a lead.

No fancy stage set or lighting, the music spoke for itself.

Bono's voice has changed over the last 20 years, singing seemed so easy for him then, but I must say I do like his deeper, richer and grittier tone of the new millenium too.

Bad gave me goosebumps - and still does - please play it next tour!

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