Sunday, 23 December 2007

The Joys of Christmas Works Dos!

Well, it didn't start off well, got into the car and it wouldn't start! My car never doesn't start!!Rung my friend Margo who I was supposed to be picking up, luckily her son James had just popped in for something and she asked him if he'd pick me up and take me to her house which he did, bless him. We got a lift to the venue for our staff Christmas do from Margo's husband who is a taxi driver and luckily wasn't busy at the time.

We were booked in for 8.30pm, time passed and time passed, and it was not until 9.15pm that we were taken to our table. We got our starter, which was very nice, shortly afterwards them there was a wait of about 35 minutes until we got our main course at 10.15pm!

At the other end of the table things were going off, two members of staff who had been going out together and had recently split up were unfortunately sitting near each other and the male person (the only male in our group) was getting obnoxious to the female involved. Then he started being rude to other staff, but there are a lot of strong women in our group and he was told straight it was unacceptable by a few people. Unfortunately he didn't really get the message, probably due to all the drink he was consuming, and it caused a bit of tension for a while. But we tried to ignore his behaviour for the rest of the evening, he wasn't going to spoil our night out.

Dessert arrived at 11.15 and coffee at midnight, I've never eaten so late in a restaurant! The meal was actually really nice, but they did not have the appropriate number of staff to deal with serving the amount of people that were in the restaurant and that's just not good enough. What annoyed me was that we got no apology for the lateness in getting our table or the long gap between courses. We will definitely not be going back there!

PS. My car started ok the next day!

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