Friday, 14 December 2007

Anyone Want a Dachshund?

Came in today and there was my Dachshund Max to greet me as usual, wagging tail, liquid brown eyes, cold nose nuzzling my ankles. I didn't have much time as I was meeting my cousin for a meal so I thought I'd quickly check my emails. Got my laptop off the sideboard, went to plug it in ...... the cord was in two pieces. There could be only one culprit, and somehow he knew I'd found him out - he was looking at me very sheepishly from his basket, giving me those Disney doe-eyes. I took a deep breath, then took an even deeper one when I checked the price of a new cable and adapter £88!!!! He definitely knew I wasn't happy now, as he was giving me those darting glances and then avoiding eye contact. I had a few evil thoughts, hot dogs crossed my mind, the Animal Refuge .......

He has cost me a lot of money - in his time Max has destroyed a camera, mobile phone, numerous leather purses (he has a real penchant for them) amongst dozens of other things. But, as he very slowly paddled across the room to me, eyeing me carefully, sat on my feet, gave a sigh of contentment, I smiled and leaned down and he turned onto his back and I ticked his tummy. All's forgiven, until the next time.

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