Friday, 2 January 2015

Renewing the Spirit Means Moving Forward with Intention

My good friend Dianne Beeaff is a writer based in Tucson, Arizona. Her latest book is called Spirit Stones, which takes us on a journey to numerous standing stones throughout Europe. It looks at the spirituality of such monuments and their place in the human psyche both in the past and present day. The book is a enthralling journey into our prehistoric past, it is an informative book which is easy to read and the text is accompanied by beautiful photos of these amazing places that still hold a sense of mystery and fascination in the modern world.

Below is a press release from the book's publishing company giving more information.

CONTACT: Linda F. Radke
Five Star Publications, Inc.
Phone: 480-940-8182
High-res photos available upon request

Looking for inspiration in 2015? Get grounded with Spirit Stones
CHANDLER, AZ (Dec. 20, 2014) – What could hold more promise than a New Year? “The turning of the year is neither an end nor a beginning, but a continuance and a renewal. With it we are given a unique opportunity to refresh and rededicate our lives with clarity and intention.” Those are the words of Dianne Beaaff, author of the book that provides spiritual grounding in the most ancient of forms. It’s called Spirit Stones.
Spirit Stones has been, for me, a journey through some of the most powerful places in our civilization’s history,” she says. “When we stand and reflect in many of these places, as I have been privileged to do, they inspire us to live more fully in the present, to capture and apply the powerful concentration of life they express.”
Both a history lesson and a modern-day guide to what the author refers to as “Spiritual Fitness,”Spirit Stones captivates readers with a unique metaphysical perspective. “This lively and engaging work explains why the ancient monuments continue to renew our sense of the wonder and mystery of life,” said reviewer Kristine Morris. “Her book is an affirmation that these objects have much to teach us about living in the present.”
Providing insight into the contemporary relevance of ancient monuments like Stonehenge, Castlerigg, and Callanish, Beeaff makes masterful connections between timeless generations of humanity, leading willing participants on a quest both grounded in stone and spiritually transcendent. “Through them, we can rediscover the inexhaustible, multifaceted, and wonderfully divine existence that is the life in all of us,” Beeaff explains. “Nothing is worth more than this day.”
Complete with breathtaking pictures of Western Europe’s most inspiring stone architecture, Spirit Stones is available through and It is distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor. For more information about the book, visit
About Dianne Beeaff
Dianne Beeaff  is an avid traveler, author and historian. A native of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, she has traveled the world extensively and combines a lifelong love of history with a quest for present-day understanding. She has published poetry and magazine articles throughout the United States and Canada. She has also published two works of nonfiction including Spirit Stones, and an award-winning novel, Power's Garden. Her upcoming projects include a follow-up to her bestselling memoir, A Grand Madness, Ten Years on the Road with U2. Dianne's extensive collection of graphite sketches and watercolor paintings have been on display in both local and national galleries. She lives in Tucson, AZ.

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