Friday, 27 July 2012

Bono on African Big Brother

Well he was there on video anyway, to promote the ONE charity campaign, the Big Brother housemates are cultivating a garden which is part of this campaign.  Below is a report from the Big Brother Africa website and a video. At least he's still around, U2 news has been non-existent for months, let's hope Bono and the other guys are BUSY in Dublin.....

BONO stunned housemates on the African version of Big Brother – when he appeared on video screen to address them. The legendary rocker was beamed to the house live from Dublin, which contains housemates from 14 different African nations.“This is your Irish rock star fan, Bono. You are my big brothers and little sisters”, he said.The U2 front man spoke to the housemates about the garden which they have to cultivate over the course of the series, as part of the new campaign being run by his ONE charity.“I hear you’re growing and farming the future, and that the fruit is the hope and change that we’re all hungry for”, he told them.The star finished up by telling the stunned housemates: “Big love, big respect from Dublin Ireland and everyone in the ONE campaign”.

U2 front man makes guest appearance on Big Brother Africa via @Indowoman

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