Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bah Humbug No More

I've been neglecting my blog this last couple of weeks, life has been hectic with the Christmas madness beginning.  I used to be a bit "bah humbug" over Christmas, but a few years ago I decided to try and be more positive about it, to make an effort to enjoy it rather than muttering "bloody Christmas" all the time and sinking into further apathy.  And it's kind of worked, I can't say I love Christmas now, but I certainly don't hate it anymore.  I decorate my apartment, up goes a six foot tree, silver and lilac baubles, lights, lots of candles around my living room.  On goes the Christmas music, I have a Santa in my car and even buy my boys special festive things.  I try to make things "Christmassy" as my mother did when I was young, she was German and she made it a magical time for me - Germans really know how to do Christmas.  My German friend Chris has sent me her recipe for traditional German Christmas biscuits, so they will be a new addition to the festivities this year.

I'm not neglecting the social side of things either, I'm going to the Christmas market in the city centre this weekend and a Candlelit Christmas Concert the following one, as well as some nights in and out with family and friends.  Sometimes if you learn to embrace something you don't enjoy, you find it's really not that bad after all......

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