Monday, 6 June 2011

Paw Rest

My older dog Max is on paw rest!  I noticed this morning that he was limping a bit, so this afternoon took him to the vet.  She said it seemed to be a strain.  I immediately felt guilty as it probably happened as a result of the long walks we've been taking these last few days (£21 for a five minute consultation, I should have been a vet). Poor Max, but then he is 70 in human years.  He should be fine after having a little rest for a few days and no more very long walks.  So it'll be Pepsi and me hitting the road for the treks in future.


  1. awww....hope he doesnt mean being left at home...on the sofa...while you and pepsi walk! im on paw rest myself now winter is here.. :)

  2. He loves the sofa LOL! He's already a lot better, some mum I am eh?

  3. Aww poor wee sowel! hope his paw is better soon x