Friday, 3 June 2011

Glorious Summer and Memories

We've been having some great weather these past few days, very warm and sunny.  I was working this morning, but shortly getting home I went out for a walk with the dogs.  There's just something so relaxing about walking with dogs, you are kind of in harmony with your pets.  Plus you always get into conversation with some other dog walker you meet on the way as you immediately have something in common.  I've just got a new pedometer, one that actually works properly, and was using that for the first time.  I can't stand gyms etc, but need to exercise more, so I'm aiming to do a proper walk every day as part of my weight loss regime.

It was a lovely walk, the birds singing, happy as us humans to have the good weather, the hedges seemed alive with the chattering of sparrows!  The trees had that gorgeous, fresh green hue of early summer and buttercups gave a bright yellow hue to many of the fields.  On a summer day like this in England there's no better place to be - shame we don't get more of this weather though!

The area I walked in was around the hospital that I used to work at - the main Victorian hospital is gone, there are just a few parts left, now turned into exclusive apartments amongst newly built houses.  I often walk through there, but I must have felt nostalgic today because I was thinking of all the memories held in that area- where I spent much of my nursing career.  I must say they were mainly happy memories, I loved my job until red tape and staff shortages made it impossible to do the job as well as I wanted to.  It was slightly scary to think that the small boarded up building that was the "school", as they called it then, was where I began my training almost 34 years ago, yikes!!!

It's almost three years since I retired from nursing now, and I know I left at the right time for me.  I have a couple of small jobs that still involve caring, but there is no stress, and I have the time to enjoy other things in my life, like walking 1.6 miles with Pepsi and Max!

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