Sunday, 26 June 2011

-17lbs and Shakespeare at the Priory

I thought I'd better get another weigh in onto my blog before my holidays.  I've now lost 17lbs, the diet's still going well, the weight's not dropping off fast, but slowly but surely it's happening and I'm happy with that.  I'll have a blip when I'm on holiday, I don't do dieting when I'm away, part of my breaks is enjoying good food!  But I will go back to it when I get back home.

I had a good weekend, after the excitement of U2 at Glastonbury on Friday, Saturday saw me enjoying some Shakespeare.  My friend and I saw The Merry Wives of Windsor at Lanercost Priory,  it was part of the yearly Lanercost Festival.  Before the play we had a meal in the restaurant there, I had fish and chips and a strawberry Eton mess, (yes I know it's not diet food but I'm already in holiday mode LOL!).

If the weather is good the play is performed outside beside the walls of the Priory, but it was wet so the play was held in the Dacre Hall, part of the Priory's cloisters and refectory.  It was an amazing room, original brick walls, the original oak-beamed vaulted roof and a huge 12 foot wide stone fireplace.  You could feel the history.

I'd never seen The Merry Wives of Windsor before, and I really enjoyed it, full of trickery and people getting their just dues.  In the interval I was in the toilet and I heard an English woman saying to her American friend that she was enjoying the play and that it was rather like a Carry On film.  Then she had to try to explain what a Carry On film was LOL!  But she was right, it was a bit like that.  Good fun.  I love Shakespeare, he can make you laugh and cry and everything inbetween.  He had such an understanding of human nature, and after centuries that's still the same, just shows people don't change that much.

So now it's not long until I go to Canada for a holiday and U2 so there'll be a break in my posts here for a while.  But I'll be blogging all about it once I get back, bye for now!

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