Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding

Well, The Wedding has taken place.  It is a public holiday in the UK, but I was working and so watched it with one of the old ladies I visit.  Neither of us are particularly into the royal family, but there's no denying William and Catherine  are a lovely young couple so obviously in love. It was so sweet when William said, "You look beautiful" when Catherine arrived at his side in Westminster Abbey. I loved her elegant dress, classic and a touch of the medieval about it, just what I expected from her.  And I must say William looked very handsome in his Irish Guards uniform.  The British are very good at putting on a traditional pageant and it all was very grand and went perfectly.  I loved the trees in Westminster Abbey, it was so different and a brilliant idea, nature in the city.  I remember watching Charles and Diana getting married 30 (yikes, how time flies!!!) years ago and it felt very different, more formal and without the obvious love.

I think in these hard financial times the country needs something to celebrate and enjoy and this wedding has come at the perfect time.  It is nice to be happy about something when the news these days is normally full of gloom and doom - even for non-royalists!   I am amazed by the degree of international interest in The Wedding, the Americans especially seem so into it.  There were worldwide best wishes which included the Dalai Lama, and even out of this world best wishes from the International Space Station!

In the future William and Catherine will be King and Queen of the UK.   There are signs that they will herald a new era of royality in this country.  A royality that is less formal and more in touch with the people, and that can only be a good thing - and maybe I'll end up becoming a real royalist then!

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