Monday, 11 April 2011

Sao Paulo 10 April - What a Night, What a Show, What a Set List! (Spoiler)

For the first time I watched a live feed of a U2 show, it was from Sao Paulo in Brazil, isn't technology amazing?  Not perfect though as the feed died about halfway through the gig, still, it was good while it lasted!  But, hey, what a night ,what a show, what a ZOOROPA!  Yes, they played Zooropa, which has hardly ever been played - in fact I think (though could be wrong) it was only played live in the UK, twice in London and once in Glasgow and I was there!  Fabulous to hear it again and very brave of the band to do it as it is a lesser known track and not a particularly commercial song.  But songs don't have to be commercial to be good do they? It took me back to those wonderful Zoo days, a time of brave, daring new songs and clever, entrancing gigs, a brilliant time to be a U2 fan, ahh memories!

But Zooropa wasn't all that was special about this gig, it was generally a great set list with Even Better Than the Real Thing, Out of Control and North Star were also played amongst the usual songs.  One of those gigs you wish you were at! Please, please U2 play Zooropa at one of the Canadian shows in July and I'll be in heaven!

PS Apparently Zooropa was trending on Twitter, amazing, and amazing that I now know what trending is lol!


  1. Really hope they keep playing it regardless of how it goes over in the stadium atmosphere - it sounds good, like they actually *practiced* it ;) Having tix to a night 2 of 2-night stand (hello Montreal) feels like the best bet for hearing this. (Hope ...)

  2. Yes two nighters are always the best, hello Montreal indeed!

  3. I was theeeeeeeere :D

  4. You were very lucky Andressa!