Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's Summer!

Well no, but it feels like summer anyway!  Our wonderful weather continues with sunshine and temperatures way above normal - my car thermometer showed a high of 20 degrees centigrade to day.  The blossom is out early, near me there are lots of trees covered in pink and white blossom, so beautiful.  Let's hope this bodes well for the real summer months.

I've been busy in the garden tidying up the autumn/winter debris, putting in the bedding plants.  Also started my vegetable gardening, got the potatoes in,  planted new a new apple tree and raspberry bush. Tomatoes, beans and onions going in soon.  I've grown to love gardening, there's a real sense of satisfaction of seeing what you plant grow and bloom.  And there is nothing like eating your own home grown food!  You get fresh air and exercise too, so it's a winner all round!

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